Terms and Conditions at Ponds Music Academy

Terms and Conditions

Following a Free trial class lesson or a trial private lesson, Ponds Music Academy must by notified of your intention to enroll, and further lessons can only be attended on enrolment and when payment has been received.

Fees must be paid in advance of attending lessons and your place in the class will only be held with on receipt of payment. Various forms of payment are available (see Fees).

Enrolment forms are available from reception.

Enrolment is ongoing unless Ponds Music Academy is notified in writing with a minimum of 2 weeks notice.


Notify us of your absence by phone 1-HOUR PRIOR TO YOUR LESSON to be entitled to a make up lesson.

Class Students

If you are absent from a class:

We will offer you another class at a similar level, if such a class exists.

a homework sheet will be sent to you to show you what to practice for the next lesson.

In cases where the teacher feels that a child may be falling behind, the teacher, will arrange a short catch up lesson at a mutually convenient time, at no extra cost.

No refund or credit for lessons missed!

Private Students

If you are absent from a private lesson:

You may be entitled to a "make up lesson", provided you contact Ponds Music Academy at least 1 hour before the lesson time. If you request, your name can then be placed on your teacher's "Cancellation List". Only two such lessons can be booked in a term. In the event of the required notification not being given there will be no "make up lesson" entitlement.

No refund or credit for lessons missed by a student regardless of notice given.

If the teacher is absent:

Ponds Music Academy will, where possible, get a replacement teacher.

If we are unable to arrange a replacement teacher then your teacher will reschedule the lesson at a convenient time.

If you cannot make the rescheduled lesson, you will be eligible for a refund of the lesson cost.


Ponds Music Academy may cancel lessons at any time before the pupil commences for any reason whatsoever. Ponds Music Academy shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such cancellation.

In the event of cancellation by Ponds Music Academy prior to the commencement of lessons, Ponds Music Academy will refund any fees already paid.


All Ponds Music Academy staff and teachers have undergone the required "Working with Children" checks and maintain high standards in teaching and professionalism.

Ponds Music Academy philosophy believes that it is good for students to experience a range of teachers during their time atPonds Music Academy. Ponds Music Academy will endeavor to keep these teacher changes to a minimum.

If a teacher is to leave Ponds Music Academy, we will endeavor to transition their classes before their departure with the introduction of a new teacher.


A "Class Lesson" is tuition of 3 to 8 pupils by one teacher. Class Lessons are 45 minutes in duration.

A "Private Lesson" is tuition of one pupil by one teacher. Private Lessons are 30 minutes in duration, or more as requested by student and/or advised by teacher. 


A "Shared Private Lesson" is tuition of two pupils by one teacher. Shared Private Lessons are 30 minutes in duration.


PLEASE NOTE: If a class drops in number to 1 students, it is no longer possible to run as a 45 minute class and will be either combined with another class at the same level or will become a 30 minute lesson as a Shared private lesson.

Ponds Music Academy reserves the right to merge piano classes with under 4 students.


Parent attendance is welcomed at all times. A parent or guardian must accompany children up to the age of 6 during the lesson. 

Children between the ages of 7 and 10 would benefit from a parent being present but it is not compulsory.

To ensure that your child gets the full benefit from their lesson, we request that only a parent or guardian accompanies them. We do not have childcare facilities.

If it is necessary to bring siblings to the class, they must be kept under control and if they begin to disrupt the teacher's ability to run the class, the teacher are required to ask the parent to remove the child from the classroom.


Ponds Music Academy expects students to have fun in lessons but also to conduct themselves in a sensible manner with due regard for the teacher and other students. Teachers reserve the right to discipline children in their care to a certain extent. However, if this proves ineffective, it is the parent's responsibility to take control of the student and remove them from the lesson if necessary. The parent shall be responsible for the welfare and conduct of the student throughout the course and whilst the student is on the premises.

If unacceptable behavior continues, a Ponds Music Academy Manager will investigate this. Students and/or parents who are unable to rectify unacceptable behavior will be excluded from lessons and if necessary the premises permanently. The standard of behavior, which is to be regarded as unacceptable in lessons or on the premises, shall be determined by Ponds Music Academy.


The undersigned gives permission to Ponds Music Academy, its owners and operators to seek medical treatment for the student in the event they are not able to reach a parent or guardian.

Ponds Music Academy will take all reasonable care to ensure pupils are safely supervised. Ponds Music Academy cannot be held responsible for any incidents that may occur in the parent's absence.

It is the responsibility of Ponds Music Academy to take all reasonable and practical steps to promote a safe and healthy environment for employees, and to ensure the health and safety of all who visit the premises. All employees are expected to cooperate in carrying out their work safely and in accordance with safe working practices.

Students are requested NOT to consume food or drink whilst in the school, due to Health & Safety issues.


A cancellation form is available at reception or from the Downloads folder on the website.

Fees will be payable for all lessons until cancellation is received. A cancellation fee of equal to 2 weeks lessons, will then be added to this tuition fee.

Ponds Music Academy lessons run for 41 weeks of the year following closely the NSW school terms. A school calendar showing exact dates is available from reception.

Families with 3 students or more or with students enrolled in 3 or more lessons, receive a 5% of their class fees (this excludes books or miscellaneous items)

Fees and Payments

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